Are you considering upgrading your flooring to give your home a fresh and modern look? Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is an excellent choice that offers durability, affordability, and a wide range of styles to match any decor. Lowes, a well-known home improvement retailer, offers a vast selection of LVP flooring options at competitive prices. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of choosing and installing LVP flooring from Lowes.

1. Research and Planning:

The first step in your LVP flooring project is research and planning. Start by browsing Lowes website or visiting a local store to explore the wide range of LVP flooring options they offer. Consider factors such as the color, texture, and thickness of the planks that will complement your existing style or desired aesthetic. Take note of the room’s dimensions to determine the quantity of flooring you’ll need and make a budget for your project.

Once you have an idea of the type of flooring you want, check customer reviews and ratings to ensure the quality and performance of the selected LVP products. Lowes provides helpful customer reviews on its website that can assist you in making an informed decision.

2. Measure and Order:

Accurate measurements are crucial to avoid any inconvenience or additional expenses. Measure the length and width of the room using a tape measure, and multiply these dimensions to find the square footage. Adding 5-10% to that number is recommended to account for any potential mistakes or future repairs. It is also advisable to measure any closets or other nooks within the room that will require flooring.

With your measurements in hand, you can confidently order the necessary amount of LVP flooring from Lowes. Their website allows you to calculate the estimated number of boxes you’ll need based on the square footage provided. Alternatively, you can visit the store and consult with a Lowes flooring expert to ensure accurate measurements and facilitate the ordering process.

3. Installation:

Congratulations on the arrival of your new LVP flooring! Now, let’s move on to the installation process. If you possess basic DIY skills, you can save money by installing the flooring yourself. However, if you lack the time, tools, or confidence, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional installer for a flawless finish.

Before installing the LVP flooring, make sure to inspect the condition of the subfloor. It should be clean, dry, and level. If any repairs or adjustments are needed, attend to them before proceeding. Additionally, remove any baseboards or molding from the walls to ensure a seamless flooring installation.

Start the installation process by laying down an underlayment if required. Lowes offers various types of underlayment suitable for different subfloors, and their experts can recommend the appropriate one for your project. Once the underlayment is in place, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to click or glue the LVP flooring planks together. Use a tapping block and rubber mallet to secure the planks in place.

Finally, reinstall the baseboards and molding, and admire your newly transformed space with beautiful and durable LVP flooring from Lowes.

By following this guide, you’ll successfully choose and install LVP flooring from Lowes, enhancing your home’s appeal and value. Remember to take your time during the research and planning phase, measure accurately before ordering, and, if needed, consider professional installation for a seamless finish. Enjoy your stunning new LVP floor!