How to Install Shaw Primavera Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular and durable choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their floors. With its realistic wood look, easy installation, and low maintenance, it’s no wonder why many people choose this flooring option. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home.

Before you begin installing Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring, it’s important to prepare the surface properly. Make sure the subfloor is clean, dry, and level. Remove any existing flooring or carpet, and repair any cracks or holes in the subfloor. If necessary, use a self-leveling compound to even out any uneven areas.

Once the subfloor is ready, follow these steps to install Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring:

1. Acclimate the Flooring

Open the cartons of Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring and let them sit in the room where you plan to install them for at least 48 hours. This will allow the planks to acclimate to the room’s temperature and humidity, ensuring a proper installation.

2. Prepare the First Row

Start by measuring the width of the room and dividing it by the width of the planks to determine the number of full-width planks you will need for the first row. If the remaining width is less than half the width of a plank, cut the first row planks to ensure you have a balanced layout. Use a chalk line to mark a straight line parallel to the starting wall to guide the installation.

3. Install the Planks

Begin installing the planks from the left corner of the room, with the tongue side facing the starting wall. Insert the tongue of the first plank into the groove of the previous plank, angling it slightly to align the edges. Press down firmly to secure the planks together. Continue installing the planks, making sure to maintain a consistent gap of ¼ inch between the planks and the walls to allow for expansion.

4. Cut the Planks

Measure and cut the last plank of each row as needed, leaving a ¼ inch gap from the wall. To make accurate cuts, use a utility knife or a fine-toothed saw. For complex cuts, such as around door frames or vents, create a template using a piece of cardboard and transfer the shape onto the plank before cutting.

5. Install Transition Pieces

Install transition pieces where the Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring meets other types of flooring or areas of different heights. Use transition strips, reducers, or T-moldings, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. Finish the Edges

Install baseboards or quarter round molding to cover the expansion gap and give your Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring a finished look. Attach the molding to the wall, not the flooring, to allow for proper expansion and contraction.

By following these steps, you can easily install Shaw Primavera luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for specific instructions and recommendations. With its beauty and durability, your new Shaw Primavera flooring will transform your space and provide years of enjoyment.